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Who is Dr. Matthew Clark?

Are You Feeling Conflicted About Your Christianity and Sexuality?
Are You Feeling Depressed, Alone, Scared, or Anxious?
Would You Like Help Coming Out to Your Family and Friends?
Are you struggling with your child's, spouse's, or friend's sexuality?

Hi!  I’m Dr. Matthew Clark and I’ve been through a journey similar to what you are going through. Now I’m proud to say that I am both Gay and Christian!  I made it through the storm and I can help you on your journey too.

I am happy to say that I am Gay and Christian!  I have a personal relationship with God and Christ.  I pray for God’s guidance daily in helping you and that I will do God’s will for my life.

I used to be confused about being both gay and Christian.  I used to feel suicidal and depressed about the conflict between being who I was and my false belief that it violated the Will of God.  I did not know the truth.

After much research I discovered that the "seven anti-gay" passages of scripture have been misused and have misled and hurt many people.

I am a fully licensed psychologist.  Apart from my experience as a therapist with gay men and lesbians in my private practice ---The Clark Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I have worked for premier facilities and organizations with gay and bisexual clientele. I’ve practiced therapy in Chicago, New Jersey, and New York City.  I was a psychologist at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services and a mental health consultant for Oakdale Christian School. I opened my private practice---the Clark Institute in June of 2008.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors forGays in Faith Together (GIFT)and the LGBT Network of West Michigan.  I Co-Chair the Media Relations program of the Gay Christian? Yes! Campaign and am a member of the Gay Christian Network.

I started this program after receiving emails and facebook inquiries from Gay Christians from gay Christians not only from the U.S. but also from Africa, Turkey, Europe, and Israel.  After this God placed on my heart a passion to help Gay people who come from Conservative Christian backgrounds via the internet.

I pray that this program will be an instrument of showing his Love and Grace to you and your family and friends

All my online gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual psychotherapy and consultation services are provided in the strictest confidence.

"When I began seeing Dr. Clark, I was just coming out and had also recently de-converted from Christianity. Dr. Clark helped me to learn to appreciate myself, and to get past a lot of the internalized homophobia I'd built up towards myself over a lifetime. My time in therapy with Dr. Clark was very valuable, and I greatly appreciated his ability to support and counsel me, despite the fact that I no longer shared his belief in the Christian faith."


"Dr. Clark is a warm, caring professional who serves his clients well. His life experience, education, and network of associates are a tremendous resource which he uses to help patients progress to their personal goals. I know only too well that being gay and coming to terms with your Christian faith can be very difficult. Dr. Clark has a deep passion to help those of us working on this area of of our lives."

--Michael Hintz, RN, CTBS

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